There’s a Surprising Formula
for Viral Content

It’s not catchy headlines, usefulness and easy share buttons. It’s something more fundamental. More emotional. Want to know the formula for content that spreads across social media and draws traffic to your business or blog?

Tell me what I’m doing wrong first

You’re creating great content. Sounds crazy, but great content doesn’t make it viral. Few people share your stuff, few people see it, because it’s very good but not share-worthy.

You don’t know the formula for viral

Nor do most other people. Compelling headlines, content value and sharing buttons are all well and good. But you’re missing the crucial piece of the puzzle – the thing that turns great content into viral.

Want to know the formula for viral?

It’s not a question of quality at all. It’s a question of surprise! Boo!

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See for yourself…

It’s not just crazy cat videos that go viral. Brands are exploiting the power of surprise and getting tons of attention online. Attention that translates into sales.

Dollar Shave Club – 20+ Million YouTube views

Dollar Shave Club’s CEO, Michael Dubin, created and starred in this budget video to promote his business. It went viral, and now has over 20 million YouTube views and heaps of media coverage. It launched Dollar Shave Club into the marketplace and generated 12,000 orders in the first 48 hours! The video is full of little surprises.

Blendtec, Will It Blend? 18+ Million YouTube views

Will It Blend? features the Blendtec founder, Tom Dickson. It shows the blending and obliterating of iPhones and other surprisingly expensive gadgets in a Blendtec blender. Within a week of publishing the first video it had more than a million views on YouTube. And the Will It Blend? series led to a 700% increase in online sales.

Big budgets are going into surprise marketing too…

Companies are investing their advertising money in surprise viral videos that spread across social media. As opposed to traditional adverts that people ignore.

Santander Bank – 1+ Million YouTube views

Santander surprised customers at one of its banks with a new ATM – the Astonishing Treat Machine. It looked like a cash dispenser but dispensed surprise Christmas gifts instead. To top it off, athlete Jessica Ennis-Hill was hidden inside the machine to make the finale.

Carrie Movie Promo – 65+ Million YouTube views!

The folks behind the horror movie remake of Carrie produced this freaky high-budget prank at ‘Snice cafe in New York City. Then carried it out on unsuspecting customers who get the surprise of their lives. This indirect movie promo got 65+ million YouTube views!

It’s not just videos that go viral

Images, articles and entire business models can all harness the power of surprise to get more attention. Your business or blog needs to stand out to survive! Otherwise you’re just another face in the crowd. And it’s a big crowd.

The Stingray Photobomb

‘The Stingray Photobomb’ image went viral around the web. It shows three startled and horrified holidaymakers whose group snap was photobombed by a cheeky stingray with a smile! The photo captures surprise in every way.

Huffington Post article

2+ million Facebook likes, 500K shares on the site itself. One of the most viral articles on the Huffington Post reveals an unexpected cause of addiction.

The Likely Cause of Addiction Has Been Discovered, and It Is Not What You Think

Zappos logo

“When customers think they’ll be receiving their new shoes sometime next week and the package shows up the next afternoon, they often turn to Facebook and Twitter and rave about Zappos”

How Unexpected Surprises Create Insane Customer Loyalty

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